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From iOS reverse engineering to UI design, you'll find it here.

Web Applications

wikirace wikipedia racing game


Realtime competitive online Wikipedia Racing Game with stats.

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votebox ballot election candidates


Register to vote, create virtual ballots and donate to 30,0000 candidates

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gtunes music playlist share


Create playlists from every song, ever, to share and download.

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gpics photo upload album


Create and share image albums by uploading images fast and easily.

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NodeJS application designed by reverse engineering Instagram app. The finished script acquires about 7,500 followers per month.

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WiFi 802.11 SSID probe capture and organizational tool. Allows tracking of known devices, search, filter, and is highly configurable.

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iOS 9 Kernel Code Execution API

C++ source to modify or execute kernel memory by utilizing freed pointer. Created by analyzing ARM disassembly and Pangu's jailbreak.

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Cross platform Python file transferring GUI application

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ActionScript Chat

Flash Chat in ActionScript 3.0 communicating through TCP sockets.

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C++ Cook-Style RayTracer

3D image generation framework. Supports reflections, soft shadows, and loading of OBJ files.

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